BFA Thesis - "For My Ancestors"

For My Ancestors

2018 thesis show at Cornish College of the Arts.

A show in the form of many thanks for my ancestors hard work and labor in being able for me to choose a career in the arts. In honoring their everyday objects as art, believing that they belong in a gallery as much as anything else defined as high art. Designed to be a living room space, everyone was asked to remove their shoes prior to entering my sacred space; That you must be on my terms to be able to hear my story.


“The Things They Carried” 2019

found objects

This piece was put together in honor of my family and their journey as immigrants, with the suitcase they brought from Hong Kong. It contains clothes, paperwork, film of my family in front of the first house they bought in Seattle, fabric I was wrapped in as a child, and cloth they used to separate their studio apartment for their 4 person family.