greetings from... what are you?


2018, social practice, balsa foam, postcards, paint, various found items

“Greetings from…. What Are You?” is a piece comparing the ideology of a tourist postcard to the exoticism and objectification of black and brown bodies, and allowing those survivors who have fallen victim to fetishisms of their skin color release their frustration through a piece of art. Often times stories about these situations are not well known and people outside of the POC community forget this can be a large source of trauma. Invited to be a part of the show FWD by Shaun Kardinal through Sharon Arnold, it is a revisited project with writers and creators.

Chau has invited people of color in their community to release this pent up anger through objects that speak to themselves, to illustrate how often stories like this occur.


Opening for FWD at LoveCityLove in Seattle, Sep. 28th, 2018